Introduction to Current Moral and Social Issues (Spring 2021; Rutgers) syllabus

This asynchronous online course will begin with an introduction to three prominent theories in normative ethics. Then, bearing these views in mind, we will move on to consider some of the most pressing current moral and social issues in the US. Possible topics in this second part of the course include: morality during a pandemic, equality, sex/gender, abortion, race and racism, treatment of animals,  free speech and protests, cancel culture, drug use, punishment and prisons, voting, and gun rights.



Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2021; Howard University) syllabus

course description TBA

Feminist Philosophy (Fall 2021; Howard University) syllabus

course description TBA


  • Feminist Metaphysics (Summer 2020; WWU) syllabus

  • Introduction to Ethics (Summer 2020, online; Rutgers) syllabus

  • Philosophical Issues in Feminism (Spring 2020; Rutgers)​ syllabus

  • Introduction to Philosophy (Winter 2018, online; Rutgers) syllabus

  • Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2017, TA for Ted Sider; Rutgers) syllabus

  • Introduction to Logic (Fall 2015-Spring 2017, TA for Daniel Howard-Snyder; WWU)