Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2021, online; Howard University) syllabus

In this course students will be introduced to the fundamentals of analytic philosophical thinking. After addressing the basics of argument construction we will turn to questions about the existence of God, the nature of knowledge, the structure of the state and our relationship to it, gender, race, and topics in applied ethics.

Feminist Philosophy (Fall 2021; Howard University) syllabus

In this advanced philosophy course we will explore the nature of gender and gender oppression. Possible course topics include: the sex/gender distinction; gender and race; gender and class; gender and religion; masculinity and patriarchy; gender and the law; pronouns and gendered language; trans and non-binary gender oppression; gender eliminativism.


  • Metaphysics of Race (Spring 2022; Howard University) syllabuscourse description TBA

  • Principles of Reasoning (Spring 2022; Howard University) syllabuscourse description TBA


  • Introduction to Current Moral and Social Issues (Spring 2021, online; Rutgers) syllabus

  • Feminist Metaphysics (Summer 2020, online; WWU) syllabus

  • Introduction to Ethics (Summer 2020, online; Rutgers) syllabus

  • Philosophical Issues in Feminism (Spring 2020; Rutgers)​ syllabus

  • Introduction to Philosophy (Winter 2018, online; Rutgers) syllabus

  • Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2017, TA for Ted Sider; Rutgers) syllabus

  • Introduction to Logic (Fall 2015-Spring 2017, TA for Daniel Howard-Snyder; WWU)